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Welcome to Schnauzers of PA


Schnauzers Of PA is a Pennsylvania Registered and Licensed Breeder of ONLY pure bred Miniature Schnauzers.

All our Miniature Schnauzers are AKC and APRI registered.

We hope that this site will give you the information you need on this unique, intelligent and incredible loving companion dog.

This site is NOT specifically for the sale of Miniature Schnauzers. 


Although we raise them it is not the sole purpose of this web site.  On this site you'll find a great deal of information that we've learned and accumulated with over 30 years of showing, training, grooming, and raising this breed. 

If you're considering adding a Miniature Schnauzer to your family we hope that this site will provide you with the information, knowledge, and education to make an informed decision to have one of these dogs as a family member. 

If you already have a Miniature Schnauzer in your family we hope that this site will provide you with needed information and answer any questions you may have on this breed.  Please always feel free to email or call us with your concerns or questions.

To check out the latest litter of puppies please go to 8196004707 tab on the menu at top of this page. 


Please understand that we are not a large breeder and usually only have one litter per year (if that). We place all puppies by careful selection of the people on our waiting list. Although we always have more people than puppies that does NOT mean you do not have a chance to get a puppy. If you are selected, YOU will pick out your puppy (or in most cases the puppy will pick out you). Puppies are placed by first come first served and best standing on our waiting list. You are always welcome, and encouraged to visit to watch your puppy grow up until their ready to be placed. We start placing our puppies after 10 to 12 weeks of age. At this age they've had 2(two) sets of vaccinations, 3(three) health exams(one at 3-5 days, one at 1st and one at 2nd vaccination(first vaccination at 8 weeks, second at 10 weeks), and microchipped. 


We reserve the right to screen all interested parties and require the buyer to agree and adhere to a Buyer/Seller Contract. 


We NEVER will sell a puppy to a broker, pet store, or for resale.  DO NOT CALL US IF ARE NOT THE PERSON OR FAMILY IN WHICH THE PUPPY WILL LIVE.


We place our puppies with the most loving and compassionate families or individuals. Our only goal is the promote this incredible and rare breed and to have the puppy or puppies (litter mates which we encourage) live their lives with the first and only family or person. 

If your interested in reserving a puppy please go to the Puppy Page and fill out the online waiting list form.



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